7 - 9 September 2022
City: Bologna
Location: BolognaFiere
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A new idea
of what exhibition means,

for new, sustainable relations

The international exhibition of green life and environmental protection services will be held in the pavilions of BolognaFiere from 7 th to 9 th September 2022 .

One place to explore the connections among the environment , well-being, sustainability , the construction industry, energy, public institutions and work.

An innovative network where companies, professionals  and  stakeholders  can meet  to design the  floriculture sector  of the  future .  

GREENPROF  promotes an integrated vision in which ' green ' is transformed from an ornamental feature into a structural component of the territory. 

Think smart, live green 

Green as an asset also translates into the protection of the land , of the environment and of biodiversity

Discussing ideas, sharing skills, and creating new opportunities , inspired by a common denominator - the sustainable transition of society


GREENPROF will be hosted by BolognaFiere , an internationally recognized expo center, one of the most advanced in the world and already home to major B2B events.

Bologna is at the center of the most important quadrant in Italy, being equidistant from the various production, development, design, and government sites, and thanks to the international airport with its 80 daily flights that can be reached in less than 15 minutes from the venue, it is the gateway to the world for all events.

Bologna thus becomes a meeting point for companies who wish to create new collaborations and synergies through the expansion of markets and the exchange of information. 

Exhibition area


Safe Exhibition
To ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors, the BolognaFiere exhibition center follows the protocols established by the Italian Ministry of Health based on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information click here.


for a unique experience

GREENPROF has identified 4 macro-sectors within which to bring together national and international professionals in search of new tools and solutions. 

• Seeds
• Bulbs / Tubers / Young Rhizomes
• Young plants
• Outdoor green ornamental and flowering plants
• Indoor green ornamental and flowering plants
• Mediterranean and citrus plants
• Annuals
• Perennials
• Aromatic / herbal plants
• Aquatic plants
• Succulents
• Bonsai
• Compositions of plants in containers
• Nurseries
• Bare-rooted / clod plants
• Viticultural nurseries
• Fruit plants
• Climbing plants / Rose bushes
• Grass carpets
• Cut flowers and foliage

• Greenhouses production
• Instruments for control measurement analysis
• Water treatment plants
• Overhead platforms
• Cold Storage facilities
• Labels and labelling machines
• Packaging
• Professional apparel
• Pesticides
• Substrates and potting soils / peats
• Fertilizers
• Materials for growing crops in protected environments
• Agrochemicals / Pesticides
• Vases and containers for professionals
• Packaging machines and equipment
• Commercial vehicles and trailers
• Biogas plants
• Cogeneration plants
• Micro and Mini Cogeneration plants
• Heating systems for greenhouses
• Systems design / installation / maintenance
• Solar energy systems

• Garden Center furniture
• Outdoor furniture
• Building materials
• Outdoor flooring
• Outdoor lighting
• Ornamental ponds / Swimming pools
• Stones / Pebbles / Natural stone gravel
• Design of green spaces
• Geotextiles / Geosynthetic products
• Hanging gardens
• Living walls
• Technological greenery
• Restoration and Historical gardens

• Gardening products and accessories
• Pots / pot covers / saucers / plant boxes (terracotta)
• Pots / pot covers / saucers / plant boxes (plastic)
• Gift items
• Supplies and accessories for florists
• Candles
• Wrapping and packaging materials
• Basketry / Wicker and Bamboo products
• Dried and artificial flowers
• Vases
• Pottery products
• Glass products
• Security products and services

Why a new event?

The goal of GREENPROF is to reinterpret the market in order to offer an innovative tool to support it and to identify potential interrelationships with the production and economic sectors. 

Events Factory Italy, will create an innovative event concept capable of representing the floricultural industry through new methodologies, using original trade fair techniques and creating cross-selling opportunities.

GREENPROF is the launchpad for new environmentally friendly solutions.

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    Why visit

    The mission of the event is to bring together the best industry players, to renew the bond between man and nature and together find the solutions that will determine the future of our Planet.

    GREENPROF aims to be at the forefront of the redevelopment of spaces.

    The exhibition will include many events and workshops encompassing all the aspects of the project.

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